Business Accelerator

This course was written to assist business owners assess and sell their business. Real Estate Agents can also use this course information to guide their client through the process too, whether selling or buying. The instructor is a successful business broker and offers many tips and insights. This is a video course made by the instructor. You are welcome to pause the video as needed to take notes or complete exercises. The Learning Outcomes
  1. Students graduate with the confidence to sell any businesses
  2. Students leave with all the tools, networks, and documents needed to successfully transfer a privately held company
  3. Students understand business valuation theory and how to value any business
  4. Students have a depth of understanding on how to dramatically increase the value of the business prior to a sale.
  5. Students know the process to successfully prepare the business for sale, create marketing materials, list the business, find a buyer, screen buyers, accept offers, negotiate, navigate due diligence, lead the closing process, and plan the training and transition.
admin · April 19, 2022