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CRE Training is a unique online training facility specifically serving the needs of the Commercial Real Estate practitioner. Our clients say we are different. Here is why, and why that is important to you.

Commercial Real Estate is more than just real estate. It is about investments, and people, and transactions. It is about buildings and land, contracts and law, finance and lending, tenant relations and operations. It is about retail properties, office buildings, industrial warehouses and distribution centers. It is multi-family and hospitality. It is about Landlords and Occupiers, suppliers and clients. It’s complicated – and it is competitive.

There is always so much to know and learn. To be successful, you must stand out, and knowledge is your stock in trade. Wisdom is your brand, no matter which part of the industry you are in, from brokerage to asset and property management, to service providers – and even if you are an investor, developer, landlord or tenant.

To gain that wisdom can take years. But what if there was a way you can speed up that knowledge, and be more to achieve more? Now there is a way that is focused and cost effective: 

CRE Training, powered by the Greenstead Consulting Group Inc.

Rather than spending an entire day in a boring setting just to glean the information you really want and need, you have access to affordable and focused micro-learning content, in addition to expanded on-line boot camps and complete courses. Education that not only shows you how to get the business, but how to perform it better, building your wisdom brand that your clients really want and need. That is what we have done for you and our offerings will continue to expand in all areas of the industry.

 Our on-line format allows you to learn at your pace when it works best for you, day or night, every day of the year.

Our online classes include downloadable workbooks and tip sheets, many video recordings, quizzes to ensure understanding of the content and certificates of completion.

You get a certificate for each course you complete as proof for hours-based professional development credits, where applicable for licensing.

Get the expertise you need, when you want to do it, at an affordable price.

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Interested in Becoming One of Our Expert Online Instructors?

If you have expert knowledge on any subject directly related to commercial real estate, we want to hear from you!

Do you know about business development, brokerage, brokerage management, asset management, property management, accounting, taxation (property or income), lease and investment sales law, lease administration, maintenance, operations, etc., then we want to talk with you.

You must have at least 10 years of experience in the field, and in the case of legal, accounting and taxation, you must be a licensed professional in those disciplines. Your course material is intended to truly educate people and is not just a sales pitch for you or your services.

It is a great way to build your brand as a wisdom innovator and leader.

Contact us at: Training@GreensteadCG.com