Become the Obvious Choice in Commercial Real Estate

There is no silver medal in business development. You either get the business or you don't. Even the most knowledgeable professional will fail if they don't know how to get the business on a reliable basis. In fact, 87% of all Realtors fail in the first 5 years simply because they don't know how to secure new business. They stumble for one of 4 reasons:
  1. Improper, Unfocused Prospecting
  2. An Inability to Correctly Uncover Prospects Needs and Align Their Service to What the Prospects Wants
  3. Poorly Written Proposals That Show the Prospect How the Realtor's Service Will Solve the Prospect's Challenges, and
  4. Presentations that Fall Flat for the Prospect.
This four part course covers each area with proven techniques you can use immediately to stand out as the Obvious Choice for your services in Commercial Real Estate whether you are involved in investment sales, leasing, property management, facilities management, asset management or even as a service provider to the commercial real estate industry.  
admin · June 2, 2023