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What We Offer

If you are a real estate agent looking for an advantage, or an investor or occupier wanting to learn more, we offer a range of courses in many CRE disciplines from investment sales to leasing to property management.


A selection of courses that cover everything from business development to technical skills.


We cover leasing from both the Landlord and Occupier’s  perspective.


Whether asset management or property management we offer a broad range of courses to help you.

Business Development

Business Development proficiency will propel your prosperity. These courses cover prospecting, messaging, presentations, proposal writing and more – all designed to build your brand and help you build your business. 


Negotiation Skills & General Business

Negotiation is your stock in trade! We show you the negotiation skills and techniques that are proven to work in the commercial real estate industry. We also don’t forget about general business skills such as business planning, social media smarts, writing for impact, and other helpful topics.


Need Corporate Training?

Want to know how we can implement a CRE training program for specifically for your firm? Need to ramp-up new agents quickly? Want to add value to your commercial agents or start providing commercial real estate services?

Our Books

You will find two books from the Masterguide series in print and Kindle on Amazon, in most countries.

Masterguide to Leasing for Retail Landlords is a guided text of industry best practices and should be on the book shelf of every leasing agent.

Masterguide to Lease Administration is a compilation of advice and skills from leading industry experts from around the world.


Here is what industry experts say about our books and courses:

“Anyone who wants to create value and reduce risk through deal making in today’s rapidly evolving market will want to take this program, read this book and keep it handy as on-going reference. Peter leverages his cross-functional experience, drawing from real events and provides practical, value-add techniques and insight to the science of leasing.”

 George Chambers, CCIM, CPM, RPA Woodland Chambers

“As a former senior real estate executive for a brand name retailer, I can say that retailers don’t want landlords to learn these negotiating strategies.”

Mark Taylor B.Comm, CPM Vice President, Real Estate (Retired)


 “I’m certain this course will make a valuable contribution to the professional performance of those who take it. There is a tremendous need for high-quality and practical guidance informed by a level of experience Mr. Morris brings. I know you will enjoy it and find it useful.”


John Andrew PhD, Director, Queen’s Real Estate Roundtable & Continuing Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning & School of Business, Queen’s University


“As a lawyer, I thought I was knowledgeable in the art of negotiation. This teaches advanced techniques to increase property income and value, while at the same time reducing risk. Mr. Morris takes you through the steps and provides insight that only someone extremely knowledgeable could provide. Rather than reinvent the wheel, why not learn from the expert? “ 

Craig Patterson, BComm, LLB , Retail Insider 

Let us help you overshoot your goals in the right ways, with the right training.